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This blogsite is devoted to presenting material related to helping Christians to lead a life based on Biblical principles. Many times it is difficult for many Christians to realize what principles are actually God approved and what are not. Satan, like a roaring lion, seeks to devour the Christian by means of deceptive methods, so as to get the Christian to believe that light is darkness, and darkness is light, and that what is evil is good, and what is good is evil. None of us can perform absolutely perfectly in the flesh, but we can, by means of the holy spirit, endeavor to bring our new mind in Christ to perfection of faith in God and Christ, which, in turn, will be seen in conduct of our flesh. This is the basis upon which we will here be examining various aspects of life in this world, as applied to Biblical principles. Our effort and goal is not to judge anyone, nor to condemn anyone, but simply to point out from the scriptures how the Biblical principles should apply in our life. If there is some topic you would like to see discussed here, or if you have a question pertaining to living a life devoted to God and Jesus, please use the form below. Please note that it may take some for us to reply.


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